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  • 15-Aug-2012

Intrinsic Schools


Intrinsic Schools is a new CMO that plans to open its first 6-12th grade school in Chicago in 2013. Intrinsic will leverage technology to build foundational skills, deepen learning and cultivate autonomous and persevering learners. The Intrinsic environment will balance high expectations with room to pursue individual interests with purpose. Students will be grouped into pods of 90 students and spend roughly half the day in a humanities block and half in a STEM block. Students will move fluidly between adaptive digital content, multimedia content, small group instruction, group projects and independent work. Students will be in mixed ability groups for some activities and also receive targeted instruction at their level. As students successfully demonstrate independence, they will be given increasing ownership over their learning. Intrinsic Schools will prepare all students for 21st century post-secondary success and create independent and intellectually curious learners.

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