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    Date submitted
  • 13-Mar-2012

Town of George


Town of George is an electronic, exclusive and inclusive "town within a town," a marketplace that brings the Hilltop together. Alumni and current students can arrange purchases with the confidence of the Georgetown name and can trade with more assurance. Sellers have access to a reliable, honest market of people interested in their products or services. Hoyas from around the country can locate listings and express their interest. All users need is a e-mail address for registration.

Town of George allows members to buy, sell, and find a wide-ranging variety of items including: textbooks, furniture, local jobs, housing rentals, electronics, tickets, services, and more. Upon finding an item to their liking, buyers personally contact sellers to complete the transaction.

After initial success in the Georgetown and local community- Town of George plans to expand its reach to other college campuses. This will create an electronic marketplace for other college campus and their alumni to securely and efficiently arrange business.

Below is a beta version of how our team envisions the Town of George website to appear:!


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