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  • 13-Sep-2011



PalmLing is Google Translate with a Human Touch.

We provide international travelers with phone-based access to live human translators, anytime, anywhere and from any phone. PalmLing works where pocket dictionaries, mobile applications and dedicated devices fail by ensuring an efficient, two-way conversation.

Forty percent of international travelers report having experienced critical situations where they could not communicate because of a language barrier, despite having traditional translation aids at their disposal. After nearly 30 years of private and public sector research on machine-based speech translation, the goal of overcoming language barriers remains elusive.

PalmLing, a novel approach to this longstanding challenge, revolutionizes how people around the globe communicate with one another. PalmLing makes international travel and cultural exploration aspirations a reality by adding comfort, ease and a human touch to an oftentimes daunting, scary and challenging travel experience.


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