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  • 12-Jul-2012

JJ's List


JJ's List strengthens the employment readiness of teens and young adults with disabilities through teaching them to use the Internet safely and productively.

We consistently observe that most people with disabilities want to engage online, but they often lack the skills and awareness of online social norms and professionalism. As a result, they often operate indiscriminately on websites, engaging in online practices that are unproductive and at the extreme can have serious consequences. This increases barriers to achieving employment, higher learning and community, all of which are essential to success in adult life.

JJ's List Safe and Productive Internet Life & Literacy Skills (SPILLS) workshops address important learning domains for people with disabilities around judgment, independence, safety, social interaction and more. The goal is to close the growing digital divide between people with disabilities and their peers without disabilities, so they may remain competitive and participate sustainably in the labor market.


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