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    Date submitted
  • 15-Aug-2012

Legalistics Service Group,LLC


Venture Overview:

LEGALISTICS SERVICE GROUP, LLC is a legal service firm that provides litigation content acquisition research to law firms, in-house counsel, insurance companies and government agencies throughout our service areas.

Venture History:

LEGALISTICS, LLC was incorporated in December of 2006 in the State of New Jersey. Our core competency is delivering real-time legal content services to our target audience.

Our DocXpress service offerings provide Federal and State real-time case intelligence for open and close litigation matters. We provide invaluable case information data such as the latest court rulings, jury verdicts and arbitration rewards for any litigation matter filed within our coverage areas.

Legalistics Service Group provides the following legal service offerings:

1. Case Matter Acquisition Services

2. Summarized Case Reporting w/ full text court documents

3. Step-by-step Case Tracking Services

4. Document Management

Attorneys and in-house counsel can retain real-time case intelligence data of a variety of court matters. Case intelligence offers trial teams insights on how a trial judge may rule on a critical legal matter. Knowing what cases and statutes were cited will allow trial attorneys’ the ability to determine how a trial judge may rule on a similar legal matter. DocXpress save time and offers new insights as attorneys develop their own winning trial strategies.

Our document retrieval service provides the following case intelligence (but not limited) to litigators.

• Signed Trial Orders

• Complaints and Answers

• Trial Pleadings

• Trial Memoranda

• Trial Transcripts

• Deposition /Discovery

• Settlement Agreements

• Voir Dire Request

• Final Jury Instructions

• Verdicts

• Confession of Judgments

• Final Dispositional Orders

• Expert Reports

The Company plan to have our national headquarters located in New York, NY. LSG will provide our legal services and products within all US metropolitan territories and neighboring towns.

Short Term Goal:

Management short term goal is to market our legal services to over 30 US metropolitan cities and neighboring towns throughout the United States by the close of year 2014.

Long Term Goal:

Management long term goal is to build a strong legal services brand which will attract multinational corporations for future collaborations and partnerships opportunities. Management believes that LSG have the potential to become one of the premier legal services brands within the legal services sector.

New Product Development:

LSG is developing two new proprietary products; Our Case Management Database and our DocXpress Litigation Management Application. Both applications will be equipped with mobile and tablet capabilities allowing the user to access our service offerings via their smart phones and tablets in addition to the traditional PC desktop.

Both database applications will be hosted in a secure virtual cloud. Clients will be able to access the Databases via their unique client ID and log-in (user name and password) to view, download and purchase case reports, order court dockets, and track the status of their orders. Our DocXpress Litigation Management application will help solo attorneys and mid-to small law firms effectively manage the 6 phases of litigation as well as drastically reduce operating costs while increasing their respective legal services revenue.

Marketing and Advertisement Campaign:

LSG will begin a strategic advertisement campaign by marketing our products and services offerings to our relevant target market throughout major cities across the United States by way of partnering with service vendors, displaying our products and services in industry trade conferences, and advertising in popular legal publications.


Management will recruit law school interns and service contractors’ to assist with the followings functional tasks:

Case specialist

Inside and outside sales specialists

Case Editors

Database managers

Business Insurance

LSG must acquire business insurance for all States which we conduct business in. Acquiring the proper insurances protects LSG against potential risks and liabilities which may occur from daily operations.

Key Assumptions

Listed below are critical factors that management will focus on for the next three years:

- The development of new legal software products and service offerings

- Expanding the company’s reach throughout robust markets within the United Stated

- Careful financial control and cash flow management of our domestic operations.

A J Nolton

Founder and Chief Strategy Officer

P 800 610 5722

F 800 610 5723 (under construction - new site coming soon)


Additional Questions

Who is your customer?

Solo Attorneys , Law Firms, In-House Law Departments, and Government Agencies.

What problem does this idea/product solve or what market need does it serve?

1. Legal Intelligence 2. Case Acquisition Research 3. Summarize Case Reporting 4. Case Tracking 5. Document Management

What attributes will make this idea/product successful? Why do you believe that those features will create success?

Information is the key to any successful operation. LSG provide invaluable and affordable legal content information to our core target market. Trial attorneys need the latest case law to help them increase their success rate for their clients. If knowledge is power then LSG is the source of that power!

Explain how you (your team) will execute to make this idea/product successful? What gives you (your team) an advantage over others already in the market or new to this market?

Our team has over 40 years of domain experience in the legal industry. As the company Founder and Chief Strategy Officer, I have worked as a paralegal for over 14 years in mid-to-large law firms as well as corporate legal departments. I understand the legal services industry and I also have a keen understanding of the functional business aspects which makes a legal services company successful.