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  • 14-Aug-2012



As a trainer I worked at various locations to set behavioural change processes set in motion by means of communication training and improvisation workshops. Sometimes those locations were inspiring but more often I ran into matters that have held back the creativity instead of promoting it. Basic rooms with simple furnishings, false ceilings and plain carpets. Furthermore, there are many conference centres in several areas, providing for several groups each day, so exclusivity is hard to find or priceless. The idea of deVLOER was born from my personal wish for a training location. I wanted an inspiring location for my courses that invites you to communicate and be creative about communication. A space that could be moulded to provide for the needs of the trainer and the group, while catering could also be tailored to the needs of that group. In short, I was searching for a space bursting with creativity and flexibility.

Another aspect of the establishment is my need to use symbolism in order to reflect on behaviour. The reuse of an industrial building is a perfect match and gives me the opportunity to surprise and innovate. It symbolizes the process groups go through. With small and sometimes large changes, modifications, and additions a team that is stuck in old systems can find a new shape in which the creativity as well as job satisfaction is boosted, increasing productivity. deVLOER inspires one to another creative way of thinking because it is such a concrete example of this.


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Additional Questions

Who is your customer?

deVLOER is interesting for companies and institutions from the upper segment. These companies have budget for their meetings and tend to be looking for renewal and inspiration. In a corporate environment where many meetings take place each day, the need for a out of the box locations with an inspiring approach grows. Because I, being the owner, am involved every step of the way, the lines are very short, this personal approach, combined with offering a total concept and exclusivity makes deVLOER an interesting player at the market. deVLOER also aims at training agencies that work within this upmarket. From my background as a trainer, I know the needs like no other and this fact proves itself time and again. There is a need for space and flexibility in locations. Trainers want to be alone at a location, make noise, decide what they want to eat and especially when they want to. deVLOER provides that space, flexibility and exclusivity.

What problem does this idea/product solve or what market need does it serve?

We live in a zeitgeist and business environment in which attention to the customerexperience ánd authenticity, are crucial to a strong distinctive character. Inspired by the Golden Circle theory of Simon Sinek: "People do not buy what you do, but why you do it", the concept of deVLOER fits in perfectly.

What attributes will make this idea/product successful? Why do you believe that those features will create success?

deVLOER literally gives trainers and companies’ space for creativity. This is reflected in the use of the location for product launches, annual meetings and brainstorming sessions. Business meetings are valuable and must therefore achieve their goals; given information must be understood and remembered. deVLOER contributes significantly to this anchoring process. By playing with the comfort zone of the users, the information conveyed earlier is better absorbed, making meetings more effective, which ultimately leads to saving costs. deVLOER also offers a unique flexibility. The 140m2 large space can be arranged and decorated, as the group wants, all the furniture is movable, so “The Floor is Yours’ can be taken quite literally. For clients deVLOER is always exclusively available for as long as one wants to hire the location. Another advantage is that I can also function as a trainer or provide a team building activity, having a range of tools available to make each meeting as effective as possible. There is plenty of meeting materials, a projector, free wifi, diverse literature on leadership and collaboration, a basketball net and several games to play during the breaks and of course the possibilities are endless in terms of catering.

Explain how you (your team) will execute to make this idea/product successful? What gives you (your team) an advantage over others already in the market or new to this market?

deVLOER stands out because it sells an experience, it’s not just a meeting room you can hire. deVLOER literally gives a place to ideas and concepts. Because of the large network full of independent creative professionals deVLOER can deliver fast and is always one step ahead of the competitor. Just sitting together with the customer with the aim to make the effectiveness of the meeting as large as possible is innovative. We look, if desired, at the content of the meeting and can make a contribution to it through trainers, speakers, musicians and catering. We will do almost anything, within the boundaries of the law of course, to create an event one will not easily forget. Another distinction is like I mentioned before, the exclusivity. A customer can rent deVLOER for a day but also for a week and is always the only one present during that time. And the fact that I, being the owner and a trainer, teacher and coach myself, am involved during the whole process is a big advantage. Because of my experience and large network I know what clients and companies need to reach their goals with the meetings. It's the total package that differs deVLOER from other locations in this market..